SS-5 Form Step-by-Step Guide

SS-5 Form Step-by-Step Guide

When it’s time for you to replace your social security card, do a name change or changing your immigration status, you will need to fill out an SS-5 form.

Most of the requirements on the form are self-explanatory and rather simple to understand, but the smallest mistake can cost you a lot of time so make sure you understand it completely before jumping into it.

We created this illustrated guide to ensure your SS-5 form will be completed in the right way for a name change situation. The first time so you can obtain your new social security card with your name without any issue.

You can download the SS-5 form online at

The form is subdivided into items, listed below:

Name to be shown on card

You will fill appropriately with the change in name you wanted to make included in the right slot. Write the new name you want to appear on your card.

Full name at birth

Make sure you input the name you had before you change name due to marriage or divorce, the Social Security Administration needs this information to locate the record of your previous social security card. If you are a women, you will have to enter your maiden name.

Social Security Number Assigned

Here is a slot to fill in the Social Security number assigned previously to the individual mentioned in 1. Here you will enter the number you have been using as your Social Security number.

Place of Birth

Fill your place of birth, be it within United States, or in a foreign nation. Do not abbreviate any of the names.

Date of birth

Fill in your date of birth in the format Month/Day/Year.


You are asked to select which option suits you among the citizenship options. Whether you are a U.S citizen, legal alien allowed to work, legal alien not allowed to work or you are none of the mentioned where you select other. You are allowed to select only one option.


You will decide whether to fill or not fill this section that inquires whether you are Latino or Hispanic ethnically with Yes and No options.


This requires you to fill in your race. Selecting from; Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, Asian, American Indian, Black/African American, other Pacific Islander or white, you can choose to ignore this section.


You choose your gender if you are male or female, this one is self-explanatory.

Mother’s information (optional)

This field is optional for a name change on a social security card, however, you may want to input it to make sure your application does not get rejected, we never really know with the government.

Please input the full name of your mother on 9A at the time of her birth and 9B requires her social security number. It also has the selection for unknown in 9B in case you do not know the social security number, and you have no way of finding it out.

Father’s information (optional)

Asks for the parent father’s full name and social security number in sections 10A and 10B respectively. It also has the unknown selection in 10B. This field is not mandatory.

Obtained a Social Security Card Before (section 11)

Since you are applying to change your name on your current Social Security Card, you will be required to answer this section with the choice yes to the fact that you have filed for and received a social security number before. Answering this item grants you a go ahead to fill sections 12-13.

Most recent name on social security card (section 12)

You will write down the name that you had on the most recent social security card; it’s usually the card you have in hand, and you want to replace for the name change.

Different date of birth earlier (section 13)

If your birth date have been corrected in the past (the Social Security Administration can do mistakes sometimes), please make sure you input the date you had before that change.
If you got your birth date correct on the first application, leave it blank if not enter the birth date you entered in your last application.

Today’s date

You enter the date of today; the day you are applying for a name change.

Daytime phone number

You enter your daytime phone number, please make sure it is correct as the social security administration may contact you directly. It never happened to users of our service (and we had a lot) but we never know.

Mailing address

Enter your mailing address, please make sure this one is correct as this is where you will receive your social security card in 14 days approximately.

If you are applying for somebody else, make sure you have the right address of the person that is going to receive the social security card.


Sign accordingly, we recommend using a blue pen to make sure we see the difference between a copy and an original.

Relationship to the applicant

Questions on what your relation is to the person whose name is in item 1. If it is self, Natural or adoptive parent, legal guardian and if others, you are required to specify.

Once all the necessary subdivisions are filled, take this application to the nearest social security office, you can find one using our office locator, or you can apply from home using GovSimplified without having to deal with office hours, long-lines and mistakes, always remember that your application could be rejected for the slightest mistake.

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