5 Things You CANNOT do Without a Social Security Card

5 Things You CANNOT do Without a Social Security Card

You rarely think about your Social Security card, but truth be told, it can be surprisingly hard to function in modern society without one. Here are five things you won’t be able to do without your Social Security card.

Get a Credit Card

America is a credit-card nation, and it’s easy to see why! Convenient, flexible, accepted almost anywhere — no wonder plastic is popular. But if you want to fill out an application in your wallet, you’re going to need a Social Security card to do it.

Get a Mortgage

While many consider homeownership part of the American Dream, owning your own home requires more than simply signing on the dotted line. Mortgage lenders and banks will want to see your credit score (which ranges from 300 to 850) first. Such scores are the industry standard for weighing creditworthiness, and lenders generally reserve the most favorable rates for those land at the 721 mark or above. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to access yours unless you show your Social Security card.

Get an Investment Account

Money may not make the world go round, but it’s pretty important when it comes to retirement. Approximately half of American workers aren’t offered a retirement account by their employers. Want to guarantee your golden years by opening your own investment account? Make sure you have your Social Security card first.

Get a New Car

Even if you intend to pay cash for a new car, you’ll need to hand your Social Security card to the dealer. It’s not just because a dealer will want to sell you on financing, although that’s certainly part of it. Rather, IRS regulations require the reporting of any transaction (cash or checks included) greater than $10,000 — and your Social Security number has to go with it.

Get a Job

While you don’t technically need to show a potential employer your Social Security card, many businesses request it. Why? A Social Security card lets businesses easily verify an individual’s identity and report wages electronically through the Social Security Administration’s free Social Security Number Verification Service. When you consider the hassles that could arise should tax withholdings accidentally get matched with the wrong worker, it’s easy to see why a future boss would want to see your card.

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